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Bastien Hiawatha Moccasins

Bastien Indian MoccasinsEvery pair of Bastien Moccasins is certified as 100% handcrafted by Huron Indians.

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These beautiful Bastien Hiawatha moccasins have been hand crafted by the Huron Indians at the Huron Village (Wendake) Reservation, located in Quebec, Canada. As the traditional footwear of this tribe, care has been taken to create these moccasin slippers and boots so that they are genuine yet sturdy. Hand lacing and warm fleece lining provides practical function, while handmade fringe and beading adds a decorative touch. Because these are made with genuine leather, fat wrinkles, scars, or hair cells may be visible, enhancing their wonderfully "natural" appearance.

The Huron-Wendat Indians, much like many Native tribes, have always respected nature for the nourishment and resources it provides them with. Moose are particularly revered by the Huron-Wendat Natives, and once hunted, every part of their body is used out of respect for the fallen animal. The meat is eaten, the intestines used for bags and strings for bows, the tendons used for sewing string, and the hide used for clothing. One cherished technique that is used only by the Huron-Wendat tribe, is the use of moose hair for "moosehair tufting". This technique is performed in gratitude for the Great Spirit and has been utilized since 1878. Some of the Hiawatha moccasins we carry are made fromn genuine moose hide, while others are made from deer, bull, or cowhide.